Governing body
This is essentially a policy making body for the institution.  The head of the CSST Educational agency is the president of the Body.  This body meets twice a year.  Its members are:-

1. Sr. Chris C.S.S.T. 
President : Superior General 

2. Sr. Dr. Vinitha C.S.S.T. 
Vice President : Provincial Superior

3. Sr. Nilima C.S.S.T.
Member: General Councillor for Education

4. Sr. Grace Rose C.S.S.T. 
Member : General Councillor for Education

5. Sr. Dhanya C.S.S.T.
Member : Local Superior

6. Sr. Jonila C.S.S.T. 
Member : Junior Superintendant

7. Sr. Rosy Leema P.W. C.S.S.T.
Member : UGC Librarian