Governing body
This is essentially a policy making body for the institution.  The head of the CSST Educational agency is the president of the Body.  This body meets twice a year.  Its members are:-

1. Sr. Chris C.S.S.T. 
President (Superior General) 

2. Dr. Sr.  Vinitha C.S.S.T. 
Vice President  (Provincial Superior)

3. Dr. Sr. Alice Mathew CSST
Member (General Councillor for Education)

4. Sr. Lynette CSST
Member  (Provincial Councillor for Education)

5. Sr. Mridhul CSST
Member  (Local Superior)

6. Sr. Rosy Leema P.W. CSST

Member  (UGC Librarian)

 7. Prof. (Dr.) Suma Joseph

Member (Principal)